Driver Qualification File (DQF) Maintenance


Our driver qualification (DQ) file system helps you keep qualified drivers on the road, reducing your exposure to risk, improving your CSA scores and saving you time.

Well-managed driver qualification files can limit your exposure to risk - as well as improve your CSA Drive Fitness BASIC scores - but this is a complicated, labor-intensive process.  FirstLab's web-based system is centralized and automated, so you can focus on managing your driver instead of managing their files.


  • Reports and email alerts help keep your files
    complete and up-to-date
  • Centralized, web-based files improve efficiency and security
  • Documents are retained and removed from RAIR's system when no longer required
  • Files are designed to meet your fleet's unique needs


Our driver qualification (DQ) file system helps you keep qualified drivers on the road, reducing your exposure to risk, improving your CSA scores and saving you time.

Reducing Your Exposure

To help limit your exposure during a compliance review or litigation, we audit DOT-required documents for completeness, compliance, expiration dates and signatures. (We can also audit documents that are not required by the DOT.) Audited document images are retained for the required time period and then removed from our system. We segregate DOT-required documents from other driver-related documents. This expedites the audit process and only exposes the materials required by the DOT.

A DQ System that Meets YOUR Needs

We configure your driver qualification (DQ) file system to meet your fleet's unique needs. Your files are organized according to your company structure, so you can quickly see which fleet managers or terminals have non-compliant files. We also set up the file tabs to store additional driver-related information that's important to your fleet, such as training materials and chain-of-custody documents for drug tests.

More Efficient, More Secure

With our web-based system, your driver qualification files, including document images, are accessible from any location with an internet connection. You can print reports and download data in Excel to analyze or share.

To keep your data secure, we provide individual IDs and passwords for each user, and you define each user's access to data and functionality. For example, a safety director may have access to DQ files for all of your drivers, while a log clerk may only have access to DQ files for a subset of drivers. Eliminating paper files also increases security of your drivers' personal information.

Use Your DQ Files to Improve Your CSA Scores

Consider this scenario. Our CSA reports help you identify a driver with a violation for operating a CMV without a valid medical examiner's certificate (MEC). With one click, you view the driver's online DQ file. You immediately see that his MEC is current, but he did not have it in his cab at the time of the inspection.

You go to the FMCSA's DataQs site to challenge the violation, attaching an image of the valid MEC. By making this correction, you can reduce the points associated with the Driver Fitness BASIC score for this driver and begin improving your fleet's performance at the same time.

 For more information, please see our DQF Fact Sheet.

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